Tatiana Verega’s online dance and fitness studio got attractive to many Americans

Tatiana Verega, a dance instructor for Eastern Europe, now calls Galveston her home.
Tatiana Verega, a dance instructor for Eastern Europe, now calls Galveston her home.
Tatiana Verega, a Moldovan dancer, has achieved a world record for planking. She is famous for her successes in the dance world, especially in the US, where she lives for 5 years now. She has recorded a world record after staying in the plank position for 3 hours and 45 minutes. The record has not yet been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Dance and fitness studios across the United States have had to change its model completely in response to coronavirus and social distancing rules. Instructors at DLS Dance Studio in Galveston, Texas, owned by Tatiana Verega, have made the shift to online instruction.

According to The Daily News, the studio offers ballet, jazz and fitness dance among other classes and has shifted all its classes to video formats. Verega teaches students as young as 4 years old, and for the children, she has to be even more energetic during the video classes, she said.

Tatiana has launched a fundraising for the Galveston Chance to Dance program – a dance program sponsored by Tatiana Verega and her dance studio in America, DLS Dance. In 2012, the artist decided to go to the USA, and in 2013 Tatiana Verega opened her own dance studio called “DLS Dance Studio” where she trains children.


Every day, Tatiana instructs 5-7 classes a day at her dance studio, as well as teaching lessons at various schools in the city. Likewise, another activity that occupies much of his spare time is fitness.

In these times of stay-at-home orders and social distancing, it’s important for people to keep up their routines. She has been able to open some of her classes to people who don’t live in her area. While it’s a different approach than in-person instruction, it is good for students, instructors say.

Some students have completely rearranged their living rooms for dance classes, leaving furniture temporarily pushed aside. The classes are about more than the dance because they give dancers a chance to interact with people outside their homes and to catch up with their dance friends.

Tatiana Verega, champion, Texas

Personal progress is a priority for me. Besides the fact that I need to overcome my own powers, I really like to motivate other people, said Tatiana Verega, sportswoman. “Everything is possible, you just have to trust yourself, you want very, very much, make a plan and go for it; it’s so simple”.

She is proud of publishing a book on Amazon, „Little Girl”, with many stories from her personal and professional life. „I wrote a book not only with short stories, but also with lessons that will inspire many people. I have many plans, I never stopped going on”.

Tati, a little girl from a tiny little town, doesn’t have an easy childhood. But Tati learns to dream big and believe in herself, and she finds she has what it takes to turn her dreams—and her life—into reality.