Vasile Turca, manager, Mimai

If you are dreaming about a futuristic home, and you love new technologies, Smart Glass is one of the features you have to have it in your house or office. With smart glass you are able to control the privacy on demand, for example if you want to make sure nobody can see you, just simply use the remote and the glass will become opaque in a seconds.  

This idea has already been put into practice for several years by Vasile Turcan and become the leading PDLC technology company in US and Canada. His company Smart Glass Technologies, LLC other the years has an impressive portfolio and clients like: Netflix, TD bank, Boing, Department Of Defense of America and many residential projects. 

Natalia Ghilașcu: What is Smart Glass?

Vasile Turcan: Smart Glass or “switchable glass” is an electric film, technology based on PDLC crystals, which is applied to the regular glass and is capable of transforming it into a private or transparent wall from a remote control. It is used in offices, conference rooms, hotels, bathrooms, etc. On the instagram page @smartglassmiami you can see how it works.

Natalia Ghilașcu: How did you become the owner of Smart Glass and why did you choose to invest in the construction industry?

Vasile Turcan: Usually, when asked what novice entrepreneurs should do first, the answer is networking. It is very important to meet new people, with the same ideas, energy and vision. At an event hosted by a blogger, I met Anton, who is a young entrepreneur from Toronto manufacturing Smart Glass and who was spending his vacation in Miami at that time. I understood that he was interested in promoting and representing Smart Glass, which is a high-tech, futuristic and very expensive product that I had already been familiar with by working in the Luxury Real Estate market.

Natalia Ghilașcu: How did the business idea start?

Vasile Turcan: I was assured of an exclusive contract, which was a benefit as I was sure that after the start of the marketing campaign, there would be those who would contact the factory directly with the intention of getting a better price. Due to that contract, the factory can make sales in that area only on my behalf, even if someone contacts them directly. But I also had to ensure a minimum volume of sales. Then we developed a marketing campaign, we assembled the team, organized trainings, and the first sales appeared in a few months.

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Natalia Ghilașcu: You were a businessman from Moldova before arriving in Miami. How did you develop these qualities?

Vasile Turcan: The business has only one goal, to make a profit while solving the problems of others. I developed my desire to make more profit and, of course, I had to learn how to look for and help people who are ready to pay. I learned the skills of marketing, sales and administration over time.

Natalia Ghilașcu: What do you value most in this business?

Vasile Turcan: Product quality and customer satisfaction. Our clients are creative people and it brings me great pleasure to work with them. It is a mutual exchange of experience that gives clients high quality services and allows them to fulfill their dreams and implement their very strange architectural ideas.

Natalia Ghilașcu: How do you manage to develop your clientele?

Vasile Turcan: Through all kinds of advertisements. I communicate directly to potential clients through presentations and exhibitions with clients, architects, and interior designers.

Natalia Ghilașcu: How do you cope with the new needs and trends in the US market for construction products?

Vasile Turcan: We are trying to adapt to new trends. For example, now there is a tendency to automate an individual’s house through Alexa’s assistant from Amazon or Google Home. As a result, we have found a solution to integrate our product into these homes by connecting our windows to these devices, so that customers can start them up and stop them with the help of voice commands.

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Natalia Ghilașcu: What is the most important success factor you consider with customer relationships?

Vasile Turcan: Through warranties, we are the only company that offers a „one stop shop”, that is, the product, the installation and the warranty. It is an additional risk that few can take. Some other examples are Netfilx, TD Bank, KLX Aerospace, Boeing, SLICE TV and others.

Natalia Ghilașcu: What were the biggest challenges you faced in the first year of business and what did you do to boast in a year of activity?

Smart Glass office design

Vasile Turcan: The biggest challenge was to find our installation team, which plays a very important role. I searched for them for almost seven months until I met the first of them and started working with Yurii, who is very responsible and professional. The first year of business was profitable, the customers were satisfied and the installers earned more than they did in their previous jobs and the turnover was very impressive. We opened another office in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver and we are ready and looking to collaborate in other states of America.

Natalia Ghilașcu: What has helped you achieve success in the US in such a short time? Is America a thriving and attractive land for business people?

Vasile Turcan: America is the country where an entrepreneur can fulfill his dreams. Here, the market is saturated and, of course, expensive to develop a business. However, if you put in more effort and do things from your soul in a better way than others, then you are guaranteed success. My success technique is very simple: I set a goal, I make a very detailed plan and I begin to act on a large scale to achieve all of my plans. Even when you fail, when you waste time and money, you will learn a lesson which you can apply in the future!