SGT Global Smart Glass Technology, a company lead by a Moldovan entrepreneur in Miami, is helping aspiring and professional designers to re-imagine their bathroom spaces with its innovative PriWattTM Smart Film.


According to the local NBC News, SGT Global smart Glass Technology is the fastest-growing manufacturer of switchable privacy Smart Film and Smart Glass in the North American market. The company is a leader in innovation, offering the widest variety of design options when it comes to superior quality switchable privacy glass, self adhesive PDLC (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film, and photochromic self-tinting windows technology.

“As individuals progressively seek innovation to help with more proficient answers for their necessities, we are seeing more interest for our Switchable Smart Film,” says the founder of Smart Glass Technologies, William Turcan. “As one of the world’s driving companies in the Smart Film industry, we are encouraging unique utilizations of our items, with a wide scope of alternatives open to residential use, making it simpler to utilize and more accessible.”

“For example,” Turcan continues, “one of our recent residential clients chose a range of ways to make her home in New York more comfortable, smart, and private by installing our PriWatt™ Smart Film in her bathroom and common living spaces. Our certified technicians were happy to install the smart film in a modern bathroom with a variety of switching methods to give the best privacy options, while being able to let in natural light. The smart film can be arranged in distinct ways so you can make it partially or fully opaque.”


In the company’s most recent news, Smart Glass Technologies is encouraging designers, contractors, and DIY’ers to utilize its PriWattTM Smart Film when designing residential bathroom projects. This innovative technology, which is also referred to as electronically switchable film, provides an array of opportunities to control light, glare, and UV radiation – all while reducing electricity consumption. The PriWattTM Smart Film is highly durable, easy to maintain, and offers privacy on demand with just the switch of a button.

Founded in 2018 in Miami, Florida, and with capabilities spanning the United States and Canada, Smart Glass Technologies, LLC is an exclusive dealer for PriWatt Film, PriWatt Glass, PriWatt Power Transformer, Tintuitive Self-Tinting Film, Tintuitive Self-Tinting Windows, and other supplies from Smart Glass Group.

Smart Glass Technologies has more than 10 teams of certified smart film installers in the US, Canada, and the Middle East. The company is the first company in the industry to have the distinction of providing smart film installation training worldwide.

Source: NBC News