Andrei Razmeritsa, model, San Diego

Andrei Razmeritsa, for the first 15 years of his life, was raised in the Republic of Moldova with a large Eastern European family of five kids. The biggest opportunity came to him when moving to the United States and with it, the biggest excitement was that he would explore and learn more. Later in 10 year, he became a model in the Fashion Industry and High Fashion Modeling in San Diego, which was his dream. 

My mother is a very big believer in God and a church going woman, so we were raised with very positive values and many traditions that were kept and passed down from generation to generation. As I was growing up though, everything inside of me was calling for more learning, to absorb and experience more in life, not that I was walking the wrong path to begin with but I felt that I needed to expand my knowledge. 

Our landing place in the United States was the city of Spokane, Washington. Later, I would come to learn that this was the place where large waves of refugees from Eastern Europe chose to call their new home. My life has transformed, slowly and surely, teaching me life lessons along the way I had never expected. Today, I still speak the two languages that I had to learn in my country, which are Romanian and Russian. Within 6 months after moving to the United States, I learned English. I could not have asked for a better place to reside in, work and grow in each day, other than the beautiful and sunny San Diego.

I have been involved in the Fashion Industry and High Fashion Modeling since the age of twenty-four. I have had the opportunity to interact with some of the greatest artists and learn some of my most valuable lessons that I carry on throughout my life and career. I know now that if not for the modeling career, I would not have been able to reach my destiny or even learn the difficulties I had to encounter which made me stronger. 

Andrei Razmeritsa, model

Right after my high school graduation, to reach my greatest potential, mentally and physically, I decided to join the United States Navy at the age of eighteen, without fully having grasped the English language. To make matters even more challenging, the war of 9/11 had just started and I had been sent straight to the Gulf war in Saudi Arabia right after boot camp. 

Everyone was still on the edge since WWII, most of my shipmates had not accepted a former soviet foreigner to serve alongside them which taught me a very hard lesson mentally and I did not see a break until the time I had separated from the military. I had found peace in manning the ship’s helm during my time of service and really connected with the water and its energy. Upon returning from the Gulf War, the ship returned to its home base of San Diego. This is when I fell in love with the place that I have called it my home ever since.

To touch up on my education a bit after separating from the service, I quickly turned around and took advantage of the benefits that have accrued while in the service, and had completed my degree in Environmental Services of HVACR but even that didn’t satisfy me and I then picked a very particular industry in this field, which was becoming the Mechanical Design Drafter, which I advanced very quickly in, and realized that I had capped out just after six years of my career.

This is when I decided to move away from the office job and advance in the construction field. My biggest motivation was that the sky’s the limit in this industry and I could advance as much as I could ever possibly want to. After a few years of gathering experience in this field, I realized that I had capped out and made a decision to go back to school and complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at the University of Phoenix, which used the rest of my benefits from the service.

With the completion of my degree, doors have opened for me in management and have led me to where I am currently working. It also motivated me to be an entrepreneur and pursue my own ventures. In recent years, I had the opportunity to lead groups of employees to complete jobs in the construction field, which gave me all the necessary tools to handle more responsibility, and to keep advancing further.

Even with this great experience under my belt, my heart and my high self-esteem pulls me towards something greater, something I have been preparing for all my life, something my life journey has led me to. With the world at a turning point in terms of spirituality, I have come to the greatest self-realization of becoming and mastering Energy Healing. The more my mind, body and spirit are in harmony, the more I get to see my life flowing and taking the course it has been destined to from the very beginning of my existence.

As I am preparing for my healing powers to strengthen and to help as many people as I can, I am taking classes and researching Hawaiian ancient teachings, which were hidden from the western cultures before, which can help elevate me to the higher frequency. In doing so, the transformation has begun even without noticing it. Having access to knowledge as I have at the moment, I have been able to guide some of my closest allies into a state of mind that was not previously part of their mentality and some into a fully awakened state, which gives me the full joy and fulfillment in my heart to see people transform from one state of consciousness into another.

Andrei Razmeritsa, model, San Diego

I feel the most connected to energy and its healing powers by being in full harmony with all of the four elements inside of me, which in return is connecting me closer to my higher self. This means that the ability to hear and listen to your higher self becomes much stronger to the point that even any energy outside of my control that is different than my own, can be felt from someone near or far alike. This also means the high self-guidance into the path chosen and predestined from the spirit world becomes a lot clearer and the spiritual gifts rewarded from the pure source become a lot stronger which can be used as manifested from above.

My ultimate goal is to help everyone that I connect with, because I don’t believe in coincidences. So, if I encounter someone, it’s meant to be for a very good reason. Step away from the conditioned world that we are living in today and from believing that there is no more to our lives. The mind itself is a much more powerful tool that we have access to, against all teachings and all beliefs we have always been exposed to. There is no excuse, recently science has released proof acknowledging eleven dimensions for our human brain, and it is all made of energy. 

When we allow this process to take effect, which can take months or years with healing techniques, meditation and deep baggage removal, which is all dependent on the awakened state, our readiness as well as our drive to achieve our mission in life, and with our agreement to come to earth in this life. Ultimately, our life becomes our own paradise and our own creation. We begin to see the playground we are living in and our playmates we preset to encounter, to teach us and guide us into what we shall become.

Happiness starts from within ourselves, not from the outside. So many of us have this concept completely backwards, thinking the more we have and to show for, the happier we will be. Let’s make this right, materialistic things are very short lived and as it may bring a pulsating excitement momentarily, ultimately the excitement ends, there is nothing more to fill the void with and therein lies the problem. The transformation from within fills all the void and keeps it filled as long as we eliminate ego. The joy of your heart grows from projecting joy to everyone around you.

Andrei Razmeritsa, model, San Diego

In recent months, I have been gifted with the ability to help some of my closest friends to be able to pinpoint their emotions, how they arrive in that state of mind and help them reframe their mind into a new way of thinking, filled with positivity and guidance from their higher self. The harmony of the high self and its guidance will never lead you astray. 

For me to deny the fact that I came to heal people in my path after seeing and experiencing the capabilities of the gifts given to me is to reject my destiny which gives me full joy and fills all of the void internally. It gives me the biggest joy to bring joy to others from a state of mind which even they are not capable of understanding. For this reason alone, I know without any doubt in my mind, this is what I am meant to do. So far, it has been enormously rewarding. After self-realization has taken its process, people with no hope got to experience the transformation from within themselves.

Even though I am not yet an official healer and don’t have education through proper training, it brings me pleasure to share and empower the information that I have acquired through my own experiences, transformation and several years of research. I am enjoying my journey, each step of the way and look forward to what each day may bring.

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