Churches around the globe will be largely empty this Easter Orthodox Sunday, as religious leaders encourage their worshipers to celebrate the holiday from their homes this year, to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus around. 

The emergence of the Coronavirus has created a situation that is altering our normal way of life. This Orthodox Easter is going to be remembered long time by Christians who will not able to attend the ceremony and have the food blessed.

This year, Easter will be different for many of us, but by keeping apart, we keep others safe. Christian Orthodox in US will be taking their Passover celebrations online this week, hosting virtual Seders, and bringing their laptop screens to the table, instead of inviting relatives over to sit down in person.

Churches will have to close their doors to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, technology has been key to continuing services, and will be essential come Sunday morning. During this heavy period of pandemic, a large part of the parishes of Metropolis in the USA and even in Venezuela broadcast live the Holy and Divine Liturgy.

Archbishop and Metropolitan Nicolae

Archbishop and Metropolitan Nicolae came up with a message to all Romanian Churches in the US saying that we live times when everyone is being tested, even those of who have faith in God’s mercy.

„As Christians we are called to something more, to demonstrate this faith through our patience and love for one another, especially the vulnerable among us. The Church has always respected and valued persons gifted with the grace of healing. We should listen those entrusted with guarding public health. Even as we know that God can and does work wonders, we also know that we should never “put God to the test,” mentioned Archbishop Nicolae.

The Assembly of Romanian Bishops in USA came up with a solidarity message during the pandemic crisis, mentioning about God’s grace, who is merciful and loving and who will not abandon us.

Many Romanian churches are planning to live-stream their Sunday Easter services. Christians are encouraged to go online on the Facebook page of their churches to pray together.
Because the novel coronavirus is spread mainly through sustained, close contact between individuals, the most effective way to stop the spread of COVID-19 in a community is to keep people apart, for now anyway. The WHO suggests parishioners who must get together avoid any touching, and keep their meetings very brief.
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