A little over a year ago, Dr. Delia Tuttle had a vision. It stemmed out of her passion for dentistry, genuine love of people and a desire to celebrate with other ladies what it means to be a successful, professional woman in the field of dentistry. Her vision was materialized in a virtual social network of close dentist friends who exchanged ideas, talked about their clinical challenges and successes, encouraged one another and celebrated their sisterhood. She named it “Divas in Dentistry”. 

Those of you (most of you, now) who know Delia, are not surprised that her effervescent personality, genuine affection, flair for creativity and infectious optimism penetrated every aspect of this social network and caught the world on fire. Well, the world of women in dentistry anyway, but who said it will stop here…

Divas in Dentistry has become a global network now and has grown beyond the boundaries of the virtual world. There are women in the field of dentistry who call themselves Divas in almost a couple dozen countries and the network grows every day. Men are paying attention as well and lending enthusiastic support to this phenomenon.

Delia Tuttle D.D.S, MD

Many Divas have by now met face to face, attended and organized education events, celebrated together and this sisterhood is stepping out of the virtual world into the real one. And that has a real impact ! Why ? Because it empowers women in dentistry everywhere to excel, to care for each other and their patients, to equip themselves for success and to be strong together. 

We are recognizing that the tens of thousands of social media followers have now transformed a social network into a real movement that grows through passion and enthusiasm and has enormous potential. However, every movement needs to channel enthusiasm in wise ways, define goals and at some point have an organized structure.

We believe that moment has come for Divas in Dentistry and we are announcing the coming out of the Divas into the real world ! The first official Divas in Dentistry Congress will take place in October 2018 in Spain. We are inviting Divas from all over the world to learn together, laugh together, celebrate one another and form lasting bonds that transcend geography and backgrounds.

Delia Tuttle D.D.S, MD